Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Review: MoroccanOil Treatment

moroccanoil hair treatment review

Two words: Hair Envy!

I'm a big fan of silky smooth hair and will take the means to achieve the hair of a Herbal Essences advert. Sometimes I think I spend my time blowdrying my hair than my six university modules combined! Ha, I hope not but you get the drift of how obsessed I am with nice hair. 

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I have used MoroccanOil Treatment for over a year now. I purchased my first bottle off www.feelunique.com where there was a promotion. The price of the 125ml bottle was sold for the price of the 100ml one. I believe this promotion is ongoing and is sold for £31.85. Now this may seem a lot for a bottle of oil but believe me, I have been using this every other day for a year and I still have not finished it. I believe they also do a 'light' version which is for people with fine or lighter hair.

This product is to be used after washed hair and claims to leave your hair with a natural and silky shine without a sticky residue. I can vouch that all this is true. I try to wash my hair every other day but sometimes fail to do so as going to the gym or a night out will result in washing my hair more often.

I apply this treatment on towel dried hair for about 5 minutes to let the hair absorb it and then I usually blow dry my hair. However this is NOT a heat protectant. You must use a heat protectant with oil (I tend to put heat protectant before putting on the oil). This treatment, it honestly does leave my hair very silky and smooth. You only need one pump (blueberry sized amount) to style medium length hair. I apply this mainly to the ends of my hair where it is the driest.

The product smells great and it does not leave a sticky residue at all. I've tried using the Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave-In Cream which does leave a sticky residue at the end and does the compare to the MoroccanOil treatment. The price of the MoroccanOil is double the price of the Macadamia one but definitely a thumbs up and I've recommended and raved about this to friends and family.

Leave a comment if you've tried this or if you want to try this and have any questions!


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  1. I've recently discovered the Morrocan Oil Treatment. Don't ask me about what's it like to live on the Moon :) , I was just addicted to Kerastase and wouldn't try anything else.
    But I'm glad I did and I absolutely LOOOVE it.
    Your review is really good. I'll try your tips :)